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Voiceover.biz is the official casting site for World-Voices Organization, or WoVO!

What is WoVO, and why is the talent listed here the best in the business?
World-Voices is the industry association of freelance voice talent. WoVO members have been vetted as professional voice actors. They have proven they have the talent, skill, experience and technical facilities to be called Professionals. They can provide anyone seeking voice talent, exactly what that talent seeker requires in the many different genres of material requiring a professional voice. Members of World-Voices are both union and non-union.

Some Highlights of voiceover.biz

  • Find a vetted voice actor to work on your project
  • Browse our member’s demos in different categories to find the perfect talent for your project.
  • Communication and final negotiation between you and the talent is private.
  • In the interest of maintaining a high professional standard for our members, projects proposed here must meet a minimum budget requirement of $250 for corporate/industrial recordings, and be fair market rate for TV or Radio depending on broadcast coverage and cycle length.

For more information on why the members of World-Voices should be your first choice for your project, visit our association’s website, http://worldvo.org, look at our mission statement, our commitment to creating a better marketplace for both talent and talent seekers, and see what goes into our vetting process. This site is the result of a collaboration between WoVO and Voice Actor Websites.

Thank you for coming to VoiceOver.biz!