VO IS A BRIDGE – Bill Brooks

Look to your left. See those words written on that paper? Now look to your right. See those ears on that person’s head? The two have absolutely nothing in common. Or do they? What if those ears could hear those words? Woah! How does that happen?

Voice Over is the answer to that question. You see, the voice actor is a bridge between the words and the ears. It’s the job of the voice talent to transport those words in a way that the ears will receive the story being told and in some strange and wonderful way feel better, inspired, entertained, educated and on and on.

But here’s the deal. Like a musician must have an instrument, a bridge needs a vehicle. Right? The vehicle is the voice itself. Many times we call the voice an instrument. Today I am calling it a vehicle. Both serve the same purpose. Back in the old days there was only one kind of vehicle (voice) acceptable. A Mac Truck. Big, loud, deep and dark. But it’s all different now. Look at the Voice Over Bridge and you’ll find all sizes, shapes and colors of vehicles. Some have a BMW voice. Some have a 56 Chevy voice. Some have a low-rider voice. Some have a tractor voice. And some may come scooting in on a tricycle. And that list can go on and on. No matter what kind of vehicle (voice) one has, it’ll get you across the bridge and connect the words to the ears.

Which leads me to the important point here. Take care of your vehicle. Keep it maintained and in good running order. Keep it shined up and the battery charged. And don’t feel like the guy who passes you in the Mercedes is any better or more important than you are in your Model T. You are the bridge on which that beautiful vehicle crosses between the words and the ears. Take that story that’s given you and deliver it with pride, confidence and satisfaction. Because when those words reach those ears, YOU will have just touched someone’s life.

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